Our Retirement Planning Services

At Moureau & van Deventer we help you structure your affairs to make sure you have enough money when you retire.

Your comfort in retirement

Ensure you have sufficient funds when you retire so you can spend your time the way that you want to. We will help you create a flexible retirement plan to make sure you can enjoy yourself and still look after your family.

Define your goals

Talk to us about your circumstances, wants and needs. We will then assess how close you are to achieving them based on your current plans, including the financial products and assets you own.

Enjoy More money when it matters most

If you're starting your first job the last thing you want to be thinking about is saving for your retirement which could be 40 or 50 years from now. The thing is, it's the perfect time to start. The more time you have on your side, the more opportunity your money has to work and grow for you. So, the best time to start saving for your retirement is when you land your first permanent job. The second best time to start is now.

Saving for your retirement is an important decision. There are various retirement plans you can choose from. In addition, in South Africa retirement annuity and pension fund contributions are tax deductible up to certain limits.

Why Save For Retirement?

With the current advances (not to mention future ones) in technology and medicine you can expect to live longer.

That means you'll need to make provision for an additional 20 - 25 years if you are planning to retire at age 65. On the upside you should be debt-free i.e. you don't have to worry about car or bond repayments and university fees. On the downside you do need to take care of your health. With ageing comes many unwanted ailments. Having enough medical cover to keep you comfortable is essential in South Africa.

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