No more reasons not to sell, just benefits.

Wellness Bonus is ideal for those clients who have invested in a healthy lifestyle. You know who they are. Use this benefit summary to remind you why your clients should add Wellness Bonus to their Lifestyle Protector policy.

  1. We won for our clients! We always knew our clients' information was theirs to share. Our legal victory confirms this.
  2. Up to 40% cash back on Lifestyle Protector qualifying premiums after five years for being on an external wellness programme recognised by Liberty. MIN 5% UP TO 40%

  3. Affordable. 5% of the Lifestyle Protector qualifying premium.

  4. Risk free. Risk and health claims do not impact on the Wellness Bonus.

  5. Leave a legacy. On the death of a life insured, any accumulated Wellness Bonuses will be paid over and above the life cover.

  6. Unaffected Premiums. The Wellness Bonus has no impact on future premiums or benefit increases.

  7. Qualifying is easy. You do not need ancillary benefits to qualify for the Wellness Bonus – life only policies qualify.

  8. Qualifying Benefits. Life Cover, Living Lifestyle, Disability, Income Protector and more

  9. Business Assurance Opportunity. 3rd party policies qualify for the Wellness Bonus which will be paid into the premium paying account.

  10. No exclusions. Impaired lives with loadings and exclusions qualify for the Wellness Bonus.